Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day!

Plans, plans, plans! This has been an exciting couple of weeks re: booking stuff. My favourite band ever ever ever (ever) have announced a tour in April, which I shall be attending every date of. Hurrah! Wildly excited for that. I’ll be going to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London (twice). I’ve also booked to go see Jay-Z and Kanye West on the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour in June, and the Slam Dunk Festival in May! Phew, expensive. This has obviously made the ‘saving for New York’ strategy of this month fail a bit, so my credit card has unfortunately taken a bit of a battering.

A week of rock & roll in April!

I’m trying to make some awesome plans for New York, if you know anywhere cool let me know!

Happy February! This week has mostly been a failure, unfortunately! 🙁

My sisters ill-fated birthday cake.
Last Friday night we headed to my sisters 27th birthday party (27 on the 27th!) in Manchester from where I live just outside Leeds. Got onto the M62 just to be thrown straight into a MASSIVE gridlocked traffic jam, which we were then stuck in for FOUR HOURS. Wahh! Luckily I’d made some cakes for the party so I didn’t entirely miss out on my tea (hehe) although sadly my sister missed on half her family and her birthday cake!
I spent the Saturday hanging out in the house, tidying. I’m trying to have a pre-spring clean, which has basically involved me selling/charity shopping a lot of my clothes and possessions. Made some money on eBay for New York too, which is great :3
On Sunday, I started having some terrible toothache on Sunday night, which I’ve had all week. Turns out I have an abscessed tooth, which basically means the nerve in my tooth has died (ergh) and I need to have a root canal or have the tooth removed 🙁 So I’ve been off sick since Tuesday, moping around at home feeling rather miserable!
Today I’ve tried to rouse myself from my sick bed and do some sewing, but my machine has decided to fall out with me so I’ll re-attempt when I’m not feeling so sore! I’ll stick to napping with the dog I think :3
Brand New in Nottingham and Manchester with some great friends.


The Natural History Museum
Last weekend I went to London to go to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. It was really good! Photography wasn’t allowed inside but my favourite pictures were of an adorable Chinese snub-nosed monkey and some poppies. I also had forgotten how amazing the Museum building is.

Doorway to the Natural History Museum
We got to have a look around the rest of the museum, which was awesome, I’ve not been since I was about 12. They had a stuffed sloth which was cool (but slightly sad) and a model narwhal, so I was very happy!

Narwhal! <3

The next morning before I went home, Cath and I went to Spitalfields Market for a browse and also popped into the Hummingbird Bakery, where we had a delicious Whoopie Pie each! Never tried one before but might give a go at baking some sometime!

Whoopie Pie at the Hummingbird Bakery.
My housemate and I have booked to go to New York at the start of March, so excited! I’m going to have to basically hibernate for the whole of February to afford it but it will be worth it 🙂 Any tips on places to go, etc, let me know!

I’ve got that new years feeling!

Today I’ve really felt like this year is a new start, by being very productive!The weather has been gorgeous so I cleaned the garden out, did some washing, took loads of stuff to the charity shops (and accidentally bought a lovely Art Deco teaset, oops!) took some stuff to the skip, had a massive clean of the house, watered all my plants…. phew!

My new birdfeeder 🙂
Lovely Art Deco tea set, a bargain at £3!

My cacti are sprouting babies.

I’m going to London for the weekend tomorrow to see some friends, spend some time with my aunt, going to see the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition and the show ‘Million Dollar Quartet’, which is a Johnny Cash/Elvis Presley/Carl Perkins/Jerry Lee-Lewis tribute show. Should be a lovely weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have some lovely photos when I get back!

I also sent off my submission for Saltaire Arts Trail 2012 today, fingers crossed!

happy new year!

happy new year! this year has been good so far, i’ve been enjoying work, taken a few photos, kind of sticking to my resolutions (which are):

+ get tattooed again
+ travel more / visit more friends around & about
+ save some money
+ start showing / selling my work again
+ have a massive clearout
+ do something positive toward achieving my cafe goal
+ be more positive in general!

the clearout is going well, i got some new furniture so my room has been thrown into a slight madness, but i have a large charity shop bag, i’ve listed a bunch of stuff on eBay and i’m feeling good about it!

i’m going to london next weekend for the ‘million dollar quartet’ show, which is a johnny cash. elvis presley, carl perkins and jerry lee lewis tribute, and also the ‘wildlife photographer of the year’ exhibition. and liverpool later in the month for the alice in wonderland exhibition! then manchester for my sisters birthday party at the end of the month. so i’m enjoying my last free weekend til february by sitting around in my jammies and watching ‘new girl’ 🙂

Christmas Time!

so christmas is just around the corner, i’ve wrapped (nearly) all my presents, made a couple (one more tote bag to make) and i’ve put up the christmas decorations. i love christmas so i’m really enjoying all the festive spirit that’s about at the moment 🙂