July / August

July was a pretty low-key month for me, and August has followed suit, aside from the fact that I’m going to Russia this Friday! Excited is not the word. I’m spending 4 days in Moscow then getting the train to St Petersburg for a further 4 day trip. It’s a predominantly guided visit so we’ve got limited time to fit in extra things we want to do off the tour, not to mention I speak no Russian, but I think it’s going to be amazing and I’m so excited for the photos I’ll be able to get out there!

Fresh baked madelines.
These past few weeks the weather has been so beautiful it’s been a domestic idyll round at my house! I baked madelines for the first time, which were lovely and easier than I thought they’d be. I’ve bought a book on patisserie from work so I’ll be trying some more interesting baking creations over the autumn and winter.

Neil & I went on holiday to London, Brighton and Cambridge in mid-July, which was a lovely break. True to my standard behavior, I sought out the nicest cafes etc for us to have lovely breakfast, and we visited the Fleet River Bakery near Holborn for some lovely coffee and pastries before visiting the nearby John Soane Museum and Charles Dickens Museum.

Fleet River Baker @ Lincoln’s Inn Fields
We went to The Dorchester for afternoon tea (ooh-err!) on the second day in London which was an amazing experience! So fancy, you really felt like royalty with a small team of wait staff on your beck & call, endless sandwiches and cakes and lovely pots of tea. It was for an early celebration of Neil & my 1-year anniversary so it was a lovely treat for that 🙂
View over London from the London Eye

After our 2 days in London we hopped the train down to Brighton, which was also beautiful! I’ve been once or twice before and I am now an utter convert, what a lovely place to be. I love the seaside, and all the quirky little independent stores and cafes, and the super bohemian vibe, combined make it a lot of good stuff 🙂

The Laines in Brighton
Betty’s Boudoir at the Hotel Pelirocco

We stayed at the fabulous Hotel Pelirocco on Regency Square, just opposite the old pier. It was a fantastically oddball place (home of the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever drunk, yummers) and kitsch-tastic rooms to match! We stayed in Betty’s Boudoir, which was an homage to Betty Page and her pin-up legacy.

Our lovely view over Regency Square

After 2 days of soaking up the sun in Brighton we headed mildly back north to Cambridge en route home so Neil could show me some of his old haunts, as he studied in Cambridge. It was so beautiful, the university buildings are just stunning. The idea of living and studying amongst such decadent surroundings is unreal.

Kings College, Cambridge
Punting on the river

It’s been a lovely month of adventures. A few days now to chill out before Russia!

Late May / June

So May and the rest of June have passed in a haze! The Makers Fair went very well (and I’m participating in some more fairs in the coming months), which was a relief and also a fun experience as I’d never done a craft fair before!
My table at the Makers Fair.
Captain enjoying the sunshine.

At the end of May Neil and I went to London for the weekend to see The Postal Service, who were awesome, and I got to go to the Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time ever, which I’d highly recommend! Not just for the flowers (of which there are many, and very beautiful!) but the whole vibe of that area is totally great. So many lovely quirky vintage shops, cafes, a lovely kitchenware shop, small markets and food shops. It was a wonderful London morning.

Lion tamers grave (seriously!)
We also went to Highgate Cemetery which was brilliant. I’ve been once before but not to the half of the cemetery you need to be toured around – I’d really recommend it, it was interesting to learn more about the politics and logic behind some of the architecture and planning.

We were lucky enough to be staying in Shoreditch which is obviously super trendy, so we had some lovely walks through the streets looking at the cool artwork and cool people!

Drink Shop Do! Most amazing cranes.

I also found my new favourite place in London is Drink Shop Do on Caledonian Road near Kings Cross. Fabulously placed so near the station it was a shame to just be popping in before getting the train home! They do some amazing looking cakes, as well as wicked looking cocktails and (by the looks of it) yummy food, as well as loads of fun activities and a gorgeous little shop with some lovely designer cards and goodies. Check it out some time, it’s going to be my new have-to-go stop in London.

July has been quiet so far but I’ve gotten a trip to London/Brighton/Cambridge planned for next week, as well as the craft fair this Sunday. And it also seems I’ll be getting a car later this month, so lots more spontaneous adventures will be cropping up I’m sure!


Phew, May has been a BUSY month! I’ve not had a single day with nothing to do – all good stuff mind you, so I’m not complaining, but I’m looking forward to a more mellow June!
The May Bank Holiday my boyfriend and I went to Northumberland for the weekend and stayed in Bamburgh. I’ve visited this area a lot as a child so was quite familiar with it, but it was lovely coming as an adult and setting our own schedule, visiting where we wanted and so on! Neil had never been before so it was lovely to show him all these new and beautiful places!
Upturned boats on Holy Island
Holy Island Village
Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island
Storm clouds
Lighthouse twinkling in the distance..
The Treehouse Restaurant in Alnwick Castle. Lovely food and so beautiful inside!

We went to the Treehouse Restaurant in Alnwick for dinner after looking around Alnwick for the day. The food was delicious and the interior is amazing, an actual treehouse you can eat in! Rope paths to run around on, fairy lights everywhere… incredible! I can’t wait to go back.

The Alnwick Castle Estate
The Treehouse
Bamburgh by night
On our last day we went on a boat trip out to the Farne Islands, which are a few miles off the coast. This is where Grace Darling (local heroine) risked her life to rescue several sailors whose boat had hit one of the ragged rocks. She was the lighthouse keepers daughter.
The modern lighthouse.
Friendly seals!
Tiny church on Inner Farne.
Inner Farne.
En route home we stopped at a lovely little village called Newton by the Sea – it was SO beautiful. Gorgeous sunny day, tiny little circle of fishermen’s cottages with a lovely pub within – it was like being abroad! Unfortunately that was the end of our trip, but we had an amazing time, and I think I got some good photographs from it.
Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance

March / April

Happy Springtime! I’m so thrilled the weather is perking up & it’s really putting a spring in my step. I’ve got lots of exciting plans lined up, and have done some lovely things since my last update.

Springtime Cakes – Marble Cake!
I’m very almost ready for the Makers Fair at the Arts Trail which is the 25th, 26th & 27th May at Victoria Hall here in Saltaire. All my cards are made, prints are being mounted and tags need stamping but I’m nearly there! Really looking forward to it as it’s my first ever fair and I’m excited to meet some people!

In March my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris for my birthday! We stayed near Gare du Nord and went to Disneyland Paris on the second day, which was a childhood ambition of mine finally achieved.

The Eiffel Tower base

Arc de Triomphe

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Beautiful meringues near Notre Dame

After Paris we went to London Zoo for the day to see my very favourite animals – sloths! (But I like penguins too)


And at the start of April it was my birthday! I had lots of friends over, received some lovely gifts and had a great party. Though from the look on Captain’s face it doesn’t look like much fun…

Captain: Not the life & soul of the party.

I’ve got two trips to London and a short holiday in Northumberland coming up in May, as well as the Makers Fair, so lots of excitement in May time!


January has been a looooong boring cold month, urgh! So much snow, no plans… yawn! I’m so excited for the sun to come out a little bit, come on springtime!

Captain is unamused by the cold.
Earlier in the month I went to London to see the Tim Walker exhibition, and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Both were fantastic! The Tim Walker exhibition is sadly finished now but the Wildlife one is on until March at least so you should check it out if you get chance.
St Pancras Station
My ticket home! Just kidding, I bought it from the Harry Potter shop. Amazing!

I’ve finally joined the 21st Century and I now have Instagram! Feel free to follow me, though I do post a lot of photos of my dog… Anyway, it’s http://instagram.com/rosiecrabbe.

I’ve also finally gotten my webstore (sort of) sorted… I opened a Folksy account! I’ve only listed one thing so far but more to come. Check it out here here.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I’ve had a lovely festive season, a great Christmas with family, and rang in the new year with friends and lots of rum!
Some Christmas gifts I made! Tree decorations.
Florentine cake.
Stocking I made for Neil.
Veggie christmas dinner. Yum!
I’ve been reflecting on my resolutions from last year, I think I did quite well!
+ get tattooed again
+ travel more / visit more friends around & about
+ save some money
+ start showing / selling my work again
+ have a massive clearout
+ do something positive toward achieving my cafe goal
+ be more positive in general! “
It’s been a good year for several reasons. I travelled, I got tattooed again, I’ve not saved any money but I’ve almost eliminated my debts, and best of all, I started seeing a lovely boy 🙂 I think my resolutions for this year will be along similar lines.
+ continue travelling and visiting friends
+ finish paying off debt & save some money
+ be healthy, happy & active
+ learn to play my ocarina (i got one for christmas!)
+ keep updating this blog!!
I’ve just been out for a New Years Day walk in the horrible mud so I’m going to drink my hot chocolate & watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’. See you later!


Walking in the park.
Autumn is such a lovely time of year! I love the changing of the seasons, and there’s so much colour everywhere! Crisp air & cold mornings get me excited for Christmas.
Pancakes are perfect this time of year!
Last month I visited Durham for the first time – it was lovely! It reminded me of York a bit with its small ginnels (or ‘vennels’) as they say in the North East and windy streets. The cathedral and castle were amazing and we had a lovely day wandering about taking photos.
Durham was so beautiful.
Durham Cathedral.

I’m looking into arts markets at the moment, as well as some new places to retail my prints and cards. Hopefully should have some more news in the new year! There’s a few more new photos on my Flickr page.

June / July

Whoops! After intending to keep this blog (fairly) up to date with my goings-on, I’ve accidentally let it lapse for like 2 months! The Arts Trail went very well, really enjoyed myself! Started working on opening my online shop, which has been a work in progress for about 2 months. Need a nice day to take photos of all my prints ideally, come on summer!

My work at the Arts Trail
Joan Lawsons’ work
David Booth’s work

I have unfortunately not been up to anything too exciting, I’m experiencing terrible wanderlust and need some new inspiration desperately! Just arranged a trip to Dublin later in the summer and am heading out on Friday to Matlock Baths, which is meant to be a quirky seaside-like town – except it’s entirely inland, not too far from Sheffield! Sounds interesting anyway :3 I did go to Morecambe last month for some puffin watching, which was nice, and to Liverpool, but real camera didn’t come with me so no photos 🙁

I also finally decided to get started on the tattoo I’ve wanted for ages. Getting it coloured in next month, very excited. It’s a lyric from ‘Play Crack The Sky’, a song by one of my favourite bands, Brand New. I love it!
Done @ End Times Tattoo, Leeds, by Cassandra

Saltaire Arts Trail

I’ve spent the past few weeks getting ready for Saltaire Arts Trail, which takes place on the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend (5th – 7th May). You can check out the website here, and my page is here!
I’ve got 4 framed pieces up, and will have cards for sale too. I’m also going to have some work exhibited in the Saltaire Visitor Information Centre as well, which is exciting! So if you get a chance, come down sometime at the weekend, I will be invigilating on the Saturday if you want to hang out!

New York City!

So I’m back from New York City! We had an awesome time, very very tiring (so much walking) but a lot of fun. Caught up with some good friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.
We went to the MoMA to see the Cindy Sherman exhibition, they also had some original Yoshitomo Nara & Takeshi Murakmi paintings, we went around SoHo, St. Marks Place, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and day trips out to Brooklyn and Atlantic City.
Some of these pictures might be featured in the Saltaire Arts Trail so stay tuned (that’s the weekend of the 4th/5th May, come see my work & many other talented people). The rest of my NYC pictures are up on my Flickr page if you want to see them.