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Lemon Drizzle Loaf //

Is there anything better on a summer afternoon than cracking out the teapot and enjoying a spot of afternoon tea and a bit of cake in the sunshine? I didn’t think so. This particular loaf was enjoyed with… Read More

Rich Chocolate Torte //

If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed about my blog at this point, it’s that I’m rather partial to chocolate. Really. I love it. I think I might be 80% cocoa solids myself I eat it so much…. Read More

Indulgent Chocolate Cake //

I’m making my sisters wedding cake this year (end of August, eep) and as well as a tiered wedding cake she also wants a chocolate heart shaped cake, so I’m on a mission to find the best darn… Read More

Chocolate & Coffee Madeleines //

The weather has been so beautiful recently! I’m not a huge hot weather person but I do appreciate a lovely sunny day. Last Saturday I drove to Nottingham to visit some of my best friends, especially my bestest… Read More

Date & Walnut Loaf //

Classic Chocolate Birthday Cake //

It was my birthday last week (27! Ahh) so my boyfriend whisked me off to the seaside for a few days for a bit of sunshine. Not that it did much but rain (this is the British seaside)… Read More

Salted Caramel Cupcakes //

Spring has officially sprung! At least that’s what I’m deciding as I have my first daffodils of the year 🙂 I adore yellow flowers, particularly daffodils, so as soon as they’re available I always buy some. Making Valentines… Read More

Chocolate and Banana Cake // Long time no speak…

Oh hiii. I seem to have abandoned my poor wee blog since the summertime. I think the thought of posting my (overwhelmingly huge amount of) Russia photos put me off blogging at all, then I just kept putting… Read More

Happy February! This week has mostly been a failure, unfortunately! 🙁 My sisters ill-fated birthday cake. Last Friday night we headed to my sisters 27th birthday party (27 on the 27th!) in Manchester from where I live just… Read More