Tea & Cake Bakehouse’s First Market! //


This weekend is my first ever market stall, as part of Granny Would Be Proud at Hillhead Bookclub here in sunny Glasgow! I’m very excited about it and really hope to see some of you there. I’ve spent the last few weeks perfecting my recipes, sorting out millions of tiny things that need doing (and some things I’ve probably forgotten to do!) and trying to make sure I have something for everyone! I’m going to have a few gluten free options, and a few vegan options, so I really hope there’s something for everyone and no-one needs to feel they can’t have cake!


I feel very excited as I think this is the start of something brilliant. The past few months have been great, becoming the Bloggeration Baking Editor, plus I love blogging on here, work’s going great and I’m loving life in Glasgow! There’s more in the pipeline so stay tuned to my social media channels on Instagram & Twitter!

It’s been a lot of fun preparing and I’ll be appearing at more fairs in the future, with yet more tasty treats. If you want to come, here are the event details on Facebook. I hope to see your smiling faces on Sunday, 12 – 5!


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