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I love breakfast. I’d safely say it’s the best meal of the day. Just the thought of a full stack of pancakes dripping in maple syrup and maybe a banana, or a delicious buttery croissants with lovely jam, or French toast covered in icing sugar and also dripping in maple syrup… swoon.


So in an effort to get to know my new hometown, and keep informed of the fantastic breakfast opportunities within Glasgow (and beyond) I’m selflessly going to nice places and eating all the breakfast goods. I know, I know. Thank me later. With pancakes. And coffee.


Today I’m talking about bakery 47, easily one of the best bakeries in Glasgow. Sam & Anna are the owners, bakers, and servers. It’s a very small operation. But it’s this small approach that makes them so unique. They don’t always hold regular hours (though they seem to be trying to make them more regular in the New Year) as they’re often busy baking for wholesale – they supply many of the cafes in the West End and city centre. They open til sell-out, then bake again. And the things they’re baking are exquisite.


An impressive variety of cakes and breads awaits you when you roll up to bakery 47, on an otherwise unexciting street on the South side. Mounds of croissants, as well as more Scandi inspired goodness such as cardamom & vanilla custard pastries and cinnamon buns, sit on the table. The cakes are divine too – I’ve personally sampled the Jack Daniels, maple and pecan brownies and the peanut butter and banana bread pudding, and they were both absolutely to die for.


Along with the pastries and cakes, they do a modest but exciting breakfast menu, seasonally inspired and always interesting sounding. My most recent visit I tried the baked porridge with blueberry and pear (above picture), and other menu features included warm banana bread with almond butter. Being such a minimal arrangement, they sometimes have just filter coffee available, but work in collaboration with local roasters and baristas to bring specialty coffee on some weekends.


They run interesting classes, from bookbinding to spoon carving, every now and then. The entire interior aesthetic is simple, minimal, and stylish. It’s a lovely space to sit and relax with delicious food and good coffee. It’s become my go-to place in Glasgow to impress visitors, and is a fantastic example of running a business with true passion.


bakery 47

76 Victoria Road


Open Thursday – Sunday, typically (check their Instagram for up-to-date hours, as they may vary)

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