My First Few Weeks In Glasgow… //


It’s been a bit quiet over here at the Bake House, mostly due to me moving 200 miles North three weeks ago, to Glasgow! I only got internet a few days ago, wahh. So I thought I’d share a little bit about how I’m finding my new hometown, my lovely new flat!




So, why did I move to Glasgow?! Basically my boyfriend is going to be studying here in September, and I managed to get a dreamy job as a baker quite early, so I’ve come up a bit earlier than planned to start work! Neil will be moving up here in a couple of weeks, which I can’t wait for <3



My job is proving to be a bit more part time than I expected (though I am absolutely loving it when I’m there!) so I’ve had a bit more time on my hands than I expected. Which has actually been nice, as my Mum has come to visit me a couple of times, as has Neil, so it’s been good to have someone around to explore with!



We visited the Botanic Gardens, which are only a short walk from my new flat. The buildings are absolutely stunning, with so many amazing and interesting plants in them! There was also some fish, including a GIANT catfish lurking in one pond.






This was on one of the outbuildings at the Botanic Gardens – I love that as a city motto! Not sure where the fish fits in though… need to do some research!


I’ve also visited the Necropolis, which is in the East of the city. Not a fun choice for everyone I guess but I really love looking around cemeteries, especially beautiful Victorian ones like this. It’s absolutely huge (and mostly uphill, so bring some decent shoes!) We managed to sneak a stroll in on one of the few sunny days I’ve had so far, and spent some time admiring the beautiful headstones. The cathedral next door also looks incredible, but that’s going to have to be a trip for a different day.




I can’t wait to explore more in this amazing city. So many great places to visit, to eat, to drink, plus the whole of Scotland on my doorstep! It’s just too exciting. I’m not the most outgoing person so I’ve been struggling to push myself to do things whilst I’m here alone, but I’ve beenĀ planning lots of places to go and things to see once Neil gets here.





I’ve been spending a lot of time in the flat since I moved, mostly because the weather has been rubbish (please tell me not every Scottish summertime is so dreary?) but also because I’ve moved up by myself and as I said, I’m not the most outgoing person and I’ve enjoyed pottering about and nesting in what’s going to be mine & Neil’s first home together ~







Captain has been settling in quite well – his eyesight isn’t that great and he’s getting on a bit (he’s 7 years old) so I was quite worried about moving him away from the only home he’s ever known to a strange city, but he’s taken to it really well, and seems more settled every day!




I’m absolutely in love with the flat, it’s super well located in Kelvinbridge so it’s near a subway stop, near the university and the whole of the West End is on the doorstep! I’m so excited for what this year is going to bring for us.




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