Apologies For The Radio Silence… //

Sorry for the tumbleweeds rollin’ in from over here at the Bakehouse, life has seriously stepped up a notch! I’m moving to Glasgow in two weeks (!!!) and have been super busy popping up to Scotland, sorting out a place to live for Neil and I (and Captain!) and finding a job! (More about all that another day…)

I also popped down to London to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A, and spent a couple of days in Helsinki with the Moomins.

Well this past weekend we got the keys to our dream house in the West End of Glasgow, which I could not be more excited about moving into later this month! I’m just going to finish up at my current job then pack up all my stuff and tootle off North permanently.¬†

I have a few bakes still planned whilst I’m still Yorkshire based so look out for them in the coming weeks.

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  1. Enjoy your big adventure, it all sounds so exciting! Am very happy for you, Scotland is a beautiful place you will love it!

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