A Weekend With The Moomins //




Last weekend I went to Helsinki, to visit my lovely friend Kate, who is currently finishing her Masters (you go girl!) I’ve been to Finland a few times now, and have always enjoyed the people, the culture, and the yummy cinnamon buns which are literally everywhere! But one thing has eluded me so far… Moominland.


Yes, Moominland… land of the Moomins. If you are unaware of what a Moomin in then, well, prepare to be schooled! The Moomins are a book and comic series by Finnish author Tove Jansson, and they exist in a world of whimsy and wonder, here in Finland. I’ve wanted to come for years and never managed to arrange it but finally managed this year!



Moominland is on a beautiful little island on the coast of Finland, near Turku. We crossed a magical bridge and entered the world of Moomins….










Being a Moomin is basically everything I want for my life. Near the coast, a lovely home, nice cake, adventures… I had a great time!



Another place I’ve visited before in Helsinki is Cafe Regatta. Regatta is an absolutely precious little cafe on the lakeside in Helsinki. If the weather is fine enough to sit outside you get a glorious view of the lake, the park, and all the adorably chubby little sparrows which flit about between the tables, happily feasting on cinnamon bun crumbs.



The weather on this occasion was not with us, so we sat inside. Inside is pretty wild too, looking like some mad combination of your Nan’s attic and a junk shop. The cinnamon buns and lovely coffee really are the draw here, with cinnamon buns being made fresh in a tiny oven tucked behind the counter. They also sell other Finnish pastries and savouries, but the cinnamon buns is why we’re here!



Mmm-mm! The buns are good everywhere but there’s something about this cute little place I can’t shake. I strongly recommend anyone who finds themselves in Helsinki to check it out!



I’m hoping to make some cinnamon buns inspired by these Finnish ones soon – stay tuned!






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