happy new year!

happy new year! this year has been good so far, i’ve been enjoying work, taken a few photos, kind of sticking to my resolutions (which are):

+ get tattooed again
+ travel more / visit more friends around & about
+ save some money
+ start showing / selling my work again
+ have a massive clearout
+ do something positive toward achieving my cafe goal
+ be more positive in general!

the clearout is going well, i got some new furniture so my room has been thrown into a slight madness, but i have a large charity shop bag, i’ve listed a bunch of stuff on eBay and i’m feeling good about it!

i’m going to london next weekend for the ‘million dollar quartet’ show, which is a johnny cash. elvis presley, carl perkins and jerry lee lewis tribute, and also the ‘wildlife photographer of the year’ exhibition. and liverpool later in the month for the alice in wonderland exhibition! then manchester for my sisters birthday party at the end of the month. so i’m enjoying my last free weekend til february by sitting around in my jammies and watching ‘new girl’ 🙂

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