I’ve got that new years feeling!

Today I’ve really felt like this year is a new start, by being very productive!The weather has been gorgeous so I cleaned the garden out, did some washing, took loads of stuff to the charity shops (and accidentally bought a lovely Art Deco teaset, oops!) took some stuff to the skip, had a massive clean of the house, watered all my plants…. phew!

My new birdfeeder 🙂
Lovely Art Deco tea set, a bargain at £3!

My cacti are sprouting babies.

I’m going to London for the weekend tomorrow to see some friends, spend some time with my aunt, going to see the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition and the show ‘Million Dollar Quartet’, which is a Johnny Cash/Elvis Presley/Carl Perkins/Jerry Lee-Lewis tribute show. Should be a lovely weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have some lovely photos when I get back!

I also sent off my submission for Saltaire Arts Trail 2012 today, fingers crossed!

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