Happy February! This week has mostly been a failure, unfortunately! 🙁

My sisters ill-fated birthday cake.
Last Friday night we headed to my sisters 27th birthday party (27 on the 27th!) in Manchester from where I live just outside Leeds. Got onto the M62 just to be thrown straight into a MASSIVE gridlocked traffic jam, which we were then stuck in for FOUR HOURS. Wahh! Luckily I’d made some cakes for the party so I didn’t entirely miss out on my tea (hehe) although sadly my sister missed on half her family and her birthday cake!
I spent the Saturday hanging out in the house, tidying. I’m trying to have a pre-spring clean, which has basically involved me selling/charity shopping a lot of my clothes and possessions. Made some money on eBay for New York too, which is great :3
On Sunday, I started having some terrible toothache on Sunday night, which I’ve had all week. Turns out I have an abscessed tooth, which basically means the nerve in my tooth has died (ergh) and I need to have a root canal or have the tooth removed 🙁 So I’ve been off sick since Tuesday, moping around at home feeling rather miserable!
Today I’ve tried to rouse myself from my sick bed and do some sewing, but my machine has decided to fall out with me so I’ll re-attempt when I’m not feeling so sore! I’ll stick to napping with the dog I think :3
Brand New in Nottingham and Manchester with some great friends.

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