June / July

Whoops! After intending to keep this blog (fairly) up to date with my goings-on, I’ve accidentally let it lapse for like 2 months! The Arts Trail went very well, really enjoyed myself! Started working on opening my online shop, which has been a work in progress for about 2 months. Need a nice day to take photos of all my prints ideally, come on summer!

My work at the Arts Trail
Joan Lawsons’ work
David Booth’s work

I have unfortunately not been up to anything too exciting, I’m experiencing terrible wanderlust and need some new inspiration desperately! Just arranged a trip to Dublin later in the summer and am heading out on Friday to Matlock Baths, which is meant to be a quirky seaside-like town – except it’s entirely inland, not too far from Sheffield! Sounds interesting anyway :3 I did go to Morecambe last month for some puffin watching, which was nice, and to Liverpool, but real camera didn’t come with me so no photos 🙁

I also finally decided to get started on the tattoo I’ve wanted for ages. Getting it coloured in next month, very excited. It’s a lyric from ‘Play Crack The Sky’, a song by one of my favourite bands, Brand New. I love it!
Done @ End Times Tattoo, Leeds, by Cassandra

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  1. ooh looks like it was exciting : ) how many years have you done the arts trail now?

    they just printed up brochures for the arts fair i am involved in this summer, yay.

    when are you coming to ireland? can come stay with myself,stuart and the woofs for a bit if you like x

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