Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I’ve had a lovely festive season, a great Christmas with family, and rang in the new year with friends and lots of rum!
Some Christmas gifts I made! Tree decorations.
Florentine cake.
Stocking I made for Neil.
Veggie christmas dinner. Yum!
I’ve been reflecting on my resolutions from last year, I think I did quite well!
+ get tattooed again
+ travel more / visit more friends around & about
+ save some money
+ start showing / selling my work again
+ have a massive clearout
+ do something positive toward achieving my cafe goal
+ be more positive in general! “
It’s been a good year for several reasons. I travelled, I got tattooed again, I’ve not saved any money but I’ve almost eliminated my debts, and best of all, I started seeing a lovely boy 🙂 I think my resolutions for this year will be along similar lines.
+ continue travelling and visiting friends
+ finish paying off debt & save some money
+ be healthy, happy & active
+ learn to play my ocarina (i got one for christmas!)
+ keep updating this blog!!
I’ve just been out for a New Years Day walk in the horrible mud so I’m going to drink my hot chocolate & watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’. See you later!

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  1. Awwh, seems like your new years and christmas were lovely! Glad to see the brunt of your resolutions came to pass. I spent my christmas in scotland, with my partners family, looking forward to squandering the last few days I have off. xoxo

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