Late May / June

So May and the rest of June have passed in a haze! The Makers Fair went very well (and I’m participating in some more fairs in the coming months), which was a relief and also a fun experience as I’d never done a craft fair before!
My table at the Makers Fair.
Captain enjoying the sunshine.

At the end of May Neil and I went to London for the weekend to see The Postal Service, who were awesome, and I got to go to the Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time ever, which I’d highly recommend! Not just for the flowers (of which there are many, and very beautiful!) but the whole vibe of that area is totally great. So many lovely quirky vintage shops, cafes, a lovely kitchenware shop, small markets and food shops. It was a wonderful London morning.

Lion tamers grave (seriously!)
We also went to Highgate Cemetery which was brilliant. I’ve been once before but not to the half of the cemetery you need to be toured around – I’d really recommend it, it was interesting to learn more about the politics and logic behind some of the architecture and planning.

We were lucky enough to be staying in Shoreditch which is obviously super trendy, so we had some lovely walks through the streets looking at the cool artwork and cool people!

Drink Shop Do! Most amazing cranes.

I also found my new favourite place in London is Drink Shop Do¬†on Caledonian Road near Kings Cross. Fabulously placed so near the station it was a shame to just be popping in before getting the train home! They do some amazing looking cakes, as well as wicked looking cocktails and (by the looks of it) yummy food, as well as loads of fun activities and a gorgeous little shop with some lovely designer cards and goodies. Check it out some time, it’s going to be my new have-to-go stop in London.

July has been quiet so far but I’ve gotten a trip to London/Brighton/Cambridge planned for next week, as well as the craft fair this Sunday. And it also seems I’ll be getting a car later this month, so lots more spontaneous adventures will be cropping up I’m sure!

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