July / August

July was a pretty low-key month for me, and August has followed suit, aside from the fact that I’m going to Russia this Friday! Excited is not the word. I’m spending 4 days in Moscow then getting the train to St Petersburg for a further 4 day trip. It’s a predominantly guided visit so we’ve got limited time to fit in extra things we want to do off the tour, not to mention I speak no Russian, but I think it’s going to be amazing and I’m so excited for the photos I’ll be able to get out there!

Fresh baked madelines.
These past few weeks the weather has been so beautiful it’s been a domestic idyll round at my house! I baked madelines for the first time, which were lovely and easier than I thought they’d be. I’ve bought a book on patisserie from work so I’ll be trying some more interesting baking creations over the autumn and winter.

Neil & I went on holiday to London, Brighton and Cambridge in mid-July, which was a lovely break. True to my standard behavior, I sought out the nicest cafes etc for us to have lovely breakfast, and we visited the Fleet River Bakery near Holborn for some lovely coffee and pastries before visiting the nearby John Soane Museum and Charles Dickens Museum.

Fleet River Baker @ Lincoln’s Inn Fields
We went to The Dorchester for afternoon tea (ooh-err!) on the second day in London which was an amazing experience! So fancy, you really felt like royalty with a small team of wait staff on your beck & call, endless sandwiches and cakes and lovely pots of tea. It was for an early celebration of Neil & my 1-year anniversary so it was a lovely treat for that 🙂
View over London from the London Eye

After our 2 days in London we hopped the train down to Brighton, which was also beautiful! I’ve been once or twice before and I am now an utter convert, what a lovely place to be. I love the seaside, and all the quirky little independent stores and cafes, and the super bohemian vibe, combined make it a lot of good stuff 🙂

The Laines in Brighton
Betty’s Boudoir at the Hotel Pelirocco

We stayed at the fabulous Hotel Pelirocco on Regency Square, just opposite the old pier. It was a fantastically oddball place (home of the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever drunk, yummers) and kitsch-tastic rooms to match! We stayed in Betty’s Boudoir, which was an homage to Betty Page and her pin-up legacy.

Our lovely view over Regency Square

After 2 days of soaking up the sun in Brighton we headed mildly back north to Cambridge en route home so Neil could show me some of his old haunts, as he studied in Cambridge. It was so beautiful, the university buildings are just stunning. The idea of living and studying amongst such decadent surroundings is unreal.

Kings College, Cambridge
Punting on the river

It’s been a lovely month of adventures. A few days now to chill out before Russia!

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