Date & Walnut Loaf //

Happy belated Easter! I hope everyone had a lovely time and scoffed lots of chocolate! I got a rather charming chocolate otter from my boyfriend, look at it’s cute lil face! I’ve eaten about half of him… oops.

I made some lovely Easter cupcakes for my work pals (just a very basic vanilla cupcake recipe) which were niiice! I’m a huge chocolate fan so any excuse to eat some is good for me :3

The recipe I’m featuring this week is a date and walnut loaf, which my step-dad requested I made him for his birthday. It’s not really my kind of baking (fruit? nuts?! bleh!) but I was really chuffed with the results! A lovely, moist loaf cake, it was really yummy!


110g chopped, stoned dates
55g margarine
225ml boiling water
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
225g self raising flour
55g chopped walnuts
170g soft light brown sugar
1 egg, beaten


1. Put dates, margarine, boiling water and bicarbonate of soda into a pan and heat, stirring gently until all margarine has melted and dates have plumped up (this looked totally gross, by the way, don’t be put off!) Place to one side until cooled.

2. While waiting for it to cool, butter and line a large loaf tin (mine is approx 20cm long/8cm high) with baking paper. Pre-heat oven to 170c/Gas Mark 3.

3. Combine flour, sugar and walnuts in a bowl. Add to cooled date mix and mix. Add the beaten egg and stir until combined.

4. Pour mixture into your prepared loaf tin and bake for 60/70 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin for 5 – 10 minutes, then turn out onto cooling rack.

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