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My First Few Weeks In Glasgow… //

It’s been a bit quiet over here at the Bake House, mostly due to me moving 200 miles North three weeks ago, to Glasgow! I only got internet a few days ago, wahh. So I thought I’d share… Read More

Indulgent Chocolate Cake //

I’m making my sisters wedding cake this year (end of August, eep) and as well as a tiered wedding cake she also wants a chocolate heart shaped cake, so I’m on a mission to find the best darn… Read More


January has been a looooong boring cold month, urgh! So much snow, no plans… yawn! I’m so excited for the sun to come out a little bit, come on springtime! Captain is unamused by the cold. Snow! Earlier… Read More

Happy February! This week has mostly been a failure, unfortunately! 🙁 My sisters ill-fated birthday cake. Last Friday night we headed to my sisters 27th birthday party (27 on the 27th!) in Manchester from where I live just… Read More